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Saturday 19 November 2005 at 6:57 pm | In Articles | 2 Comments

I can’t resist repeating a quote from Trevor Hawkes’ Blogging Mathematics

    We are number -e^{i\pi}

sometimes seen on mathematics students’ T-shirts.

Warwick blogs (who host Blogging Mathematics) have recently added \LaTeX using MimeTeX to their blogs so that students and staff can blog about mathematics.

Warwick was one of the first universities to offer blogs to their staff and students and, since they have such a strong mathematics tradition (and it’s my alma mater – hi Trevor :)), it’s nice to see a maths facility.

If you want to add mimeTeX support to your blog then LatexRender (used by this blog) has an option to do so (WordPress can use the plugin at Using LaTeX in WordPress). It is better to have the full \LaTeX support that LatexRender also offers but that may not be possible for many bloggers, as it requires \LaTeX, ImageMagick and Ghostscript on the server.

Another way is to install these programs on your own computer, generate the images, then upload to the server. LatexRender for Windows is a new program to help Windows users to do this.


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  1. Do you know if it will work in Blogger (Blogspot.com) blogs?

    Comment by Craig — Sunday 20 November 2005 9:05 pm #

  2. I wouldn’t have thought so as mimetex is a cgi program. It would have to mean that Blogger would allow you to run such a program and I don’t suppose it does, unless you know better?

    Comment by Steve — Sunday 20 November 2005 9:29 pm #

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