More maths blogs?

Tuesday 16 November 2004 at 7:29 pm | In Articles | 4 Comments

I’ve mentioned before about a lack of mathematics blogs. Now the mathematics site Art Of Problem Solving is creating a list of blogs of members of its community.

OK, so the blogs may not be strictly mathematics blogs (mathematicians do have other interests believe it or not) but they could well be of interest to other mathematicians. Keep an eye on the blog list!

PS See also the list of Maths Blogs on the right (which is recursive 8-))


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  1. Hey! I just started a maths blog at !

    Comment by Higherpi — Wednesday 22 December 2004 7:35 pm #

  2. Wonderful! The more the merrier. I have added to the list of blogs on the right.

    Comment by Steve — Wednesday 22 December 2004 7:56 pm #

  3. Excellent! Thank you. I hope to put together a list of links and resources in the next few days (may have to wait until after Xmas), so I’ll be sure to reciprocate!

    Comment by Ronald — Wednesday 22 December 2004 8:50 pm #

  4. I did try to comment on the Algebraic Fractions post in your blog but it didn’t appear so either it isn’t working as you mention or you are moderating the comments.

    I sent it to the email address given below and repeat it here:

    Does \dfrac{2}{(x+3)(x+1)} - \dfrac{1}{(x+3)(x+2)} = \dfrac{1}{(x+1)(x+2)} do as an example?

    I got it by looking at \dfrac{p}{(x+a)(x+b)} - \dfrac{q}{(x+a)(x+c)} (so there’s no question of anything cancelling in the 2 fractions) and seeing how to choose numbers so that the numerator (p-q)x+(pc-qb) is divisible by x+a. There should be lots of solutions to this.

    Comment by Steve — Wednesday 22 December 2004 10:20 pm #

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