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Wednesday 24 November 2004 at 7:27 pm | In Articles | 2 Comments
    “In fact that is one of the first things we beat out of students – misapplications of equals signs, until such time as they are sufficiently well read to start abusing them again.”
    matt grime at SFN

Mathematics lecturers everywhere will be nodding in agreement 😎


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  1. I can’t login, but anyway here is nice problem: Without using a calculator determine what is more (pi)^e or e^(pi).
    I do not know the solution….

    Comment by Puzich — Tuesday 30 November 2004 3:47 pm #

  2. Yes, this is a nice problem, especially as the values of \pi^e and e^{\pi} are so close.

    There are many ways of proving this. One way is to take g(x)=x-e \ln x and by looking at [Unparseable or potentially dangerous latex formula. Error 4 ] show that g(x)>0 if x \ne e and deduce that e^x>x^e for all x \ne e

    Comment by Steve — Tuesday 30 November 2004 5:39 pm #

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