A Finite Discussion of Infinite Numbers

Wednesday 22 December 2004 at 11:03 pm | In Articles | 1 Comment

Keith Devlin (British-born author of a number of interesting, well-written and highly recommended books) gives a 5-minute interview on NPR (a US radio station) about infinite numbers such as cardinal numbers like \aleph_0,\aleph_1,\aleph_2,\dots You can find the interview at A Finite Discussion of Infinite Numbers

Simon Singh did a couple of series of short programmes about numbers on the BBC in March 2002 and October 2003. You can listen to his discussion of Infinity; there are links there to the other broadcasts as well as to other Science programmes. Worth listening to.

Some(6,7,8,9??) years ago there was a BBC radio series on the history of mathematics which was had me rolling about as it was so (intentionally) funny. Anyone remember it or know if it is available anywhere?

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  1. I remember a long time ago (early 90’s), there was a program on BBC Radio 4 (or 5?) called Maths Miscellany. Might this be it? All I can remember from it was this long imaginary dialogue between Euclid and someone.

    Comment by Thomson Nguyen — Monday 17 January 2005 12:44 pm #

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